Welcome to Premiere Pro Academy

This website has video tutorials for using Adobe Premiere Pro. It is especially useful for beginners who are completely new to APP. The menu above has links to all the tutorials. If you are new then you should start with "Project Setup." The best way to learn APP is to have some video footage you are ready to edit. These tutorials assume that you already have some footage on a camera and you are ready to start editing. If you need some sample footage to edit you may download these AVCHD encoded mp4 video files to practice with. To download them try right-clicking on each one.


This website teaches Adobe Premiere Pro from the beginning, and then gradually adds new knowledge as you progress. The tutorials work best if you have footage ready to edit - so that you can learn by doing! This website is only for learning Adobe Premiere Pro. If you're looking for tutorials that cover a full video production course then please visit my Learner Power website. The videos in this site are Copyright 2016 by Pasha Souvorin. This site (and Pasha Souvorin) has no affiliation with  Adobe, which makes Adobe Premiere Pro.